Manaakitanga Perseverance Integrity Responsibility

Maori Achievement

Promoting Māori Student Achievement

National monitoring consistently shows that the gap between Māori academic achievement and attainment and that of other groups is growing.

Kahikatia Accelerating Success 2013-2107 identifies strategies that are effective in raising Māori achievement.  In discussion and consultation with our community we have identified some common strategies and approaches considered good practice.  As teachers we are required to make every effort to promote these strategies and raise Māori achievement.

  • Ensure that we have high expectations for Māori students.
  • Fostering and nurturing respectful relationships between teachers, students and whānau.
  • Actively engaging Māori students in the learning process (i.e. LIDs)
  • Monitor Māori student achievement data
  • Developing a sense of belonging for Māori students at school including access to Māori language
  • Work with Māori students’ parents and whānau to make sure they are engaged in, informed of and influencing the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Making sure learning activities are authentic, meaningful and relevant to students. Were possible integrate elements of students’ identity, language and culture into teaching and learning programmes.
  • Making Māori student engagement and achievement an explicit focus
  • Rejecting deficit theorising
  • Maximising attendance
  • Recognising and celebrating success.
  • Ensuring School Leadership is focused on quality teaching and learning

2018 Tamatea Community Kapa Haka Festival

Our wonderful tamariki performing at the 2018 Tamatea Community Kapa Haka Festival