Manaakitanga Perseverance Integrity Responsibility





Students will develop the knowledge, skills, concepts, understandings and a positive attitude in mathematics to enable them to be effective mathematicians.



  1. Mathematics helps to develop the ability to think and reason logically, through problem solving approaches.

  2. Provide opportunities for students to develop communication skills and information skills.

  3. Programmes will reflect the needs of our children.



  1. While numeracy is important in the mathematics programme (especially for remedial students) it essential that other Strands are successfully covered.

  2. The numeracy skills will be used in the other strands.

  3. Problem solving that is contextually relevant.

  4. Students grow and experience success in all mathematical strands.

  5. Can convey their understanding through visual presentation and information technology in the form of graphs.


Teaching Contexts

  1. Teachers will plan using a programme, to include strands and processes that reflect student needs.

  2. In planning for assessment, a unit would normally have one strand, and cover at least one process skill.

  3. Planning reflects the needs of the children.