Health and PE

Purpose: Through learning in health and physical education, students will develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and motivation to make informed decisions and to act in ways that contribute to their personal well-being, the wellbeing of other people, and that of society as a whole.


The Underlying Concepts of Health and Physical Education...

  1. Hauora – Learners are understanding of the philosophy of influencing and supporting others

  2. Attitudes and Values – A positive responsible attitude on the part of learners to their own wellbeing; respect, care and concern for other people and environment and a sense of social justice

  3. Social-Ecological perspective – Understanding interrelations that exist between individuals, others and society

  4. Health promotion – Develop and maintain supportive physical and emotional environments


Through the teaching of Health and Physical Education learners will…

  1. Accept challenges in health related and movement contexts

  2. Reflect on the nature of well-being and how to promote it within the school and community

  3. Develop resilience and a sense of personal and social responsibility

Special Guidelines

  1. Programme will reflect whanau’ expectations and whanau will be consulted every 24 months on the school’s health programme

  2. We have a social responsibility to prepare our learners for the current day challenges that exist for adolescents and teenagers. Our Health and PE Curriculum is continually evolving in order to stay current and educate learners on current challenges such as, cyber bullying, excessive gaming

  3. Regular timetabled classes for physical education are timetabled to ensure equitable access for the whole school

  4. The Hauora Programme is delivered to all Learners in collaboration with the NZ Police and community agencies

Hauora/ Wellbeing is explicitly taught and embedded in all curriculum areas. Year 7 students learn about social skills and their bodies as part of our health curriculum. Year 8 students build upon this by learning skills and developing strategies and self confidence to prepare them for their teenage years.