Māori Achievement

Promoting Māori Student Achievement

Ministry of Education data indicates that historically Māori students are not achieving as well as other students in New Zealand. We monitor Māori student achievement and engagement levels and if/when necessary implement effective strategies to address non-achievement.

Kahikatia Accelerating Success 2013-2107 states that Māori students do much better when education reflects and values their identity, language and culture and this is a central focus. In discussion and consultation with our community we have identified some common strategies and approaches considered good practice. As teachers make every effort to promote these strategies and raise Māori achievement.

  • Integrated learners’ identity, language and culture into teaching and learning

  • Use learner achievement data to target resources for optimal effect

  • Provide early intensive support for those learners at risk of falling behind

  • Retain high expectations for Māori learners and support all stakeholders in retaining these high expectations.

  • Fostering and nurturing educationally powerful connections relationships between teachers, learners and whānau

  • Māori learner engagement and achievement is an explicit focus

  • Recognise and celebrate success

  • Ensuring School Leadership is focused on quality teaching and learning

  • Learner progress and achievement will be identified, monitored and reported on

  • Support successful transitions (contributing school to Intermediate, class to class, Intermediate to High School, mid year enrolments, mid year departures

  • Engage community and iwi partners to give us feedback for improvement in meeting the needs of our learners