Our School Pedagogy – What do we believe about teaching and learning?

“By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn”. Latin Proverb

Hattie’s research shows that what we do as teachers in the classroom has the greatest impact on student achievement compared to other factors such as the student’s home life, class size, resources, ethnicity, decile of the school, or friends etc.

30% of learner success is the effective teaching in the classroom. What we do each day determines whether or not the learners will be prepared for their future.

At Tamatea Intermediate we strive to provide high quality teaching and learning programmes. We will use a range of effective strategies and approaches which deliver quality learning and teaching to ensure that learners leave our school successful. This requires us to have a clear understanding of what a student’s current learning needs are and plan and deliver programmes to meet these needs. Our role as educators is to enthuse, engage and enrich our learners on their learning journey.

We will plan deliberate acts of teaching to ensure that learners are aware of the teaching and learning process. This will enable them to understand the learning outcomes and success criteria. It will empower our learners to reflect upon their learning and assist teachers identify specific learning needs.

There are three key interrelated areas that we are continuing to focus on which all fall under the vision of fostering a ‘quality teaching and learning environment that successfully supports and engages learners.

  1. Educationally powerful connections and relationships

  2. Raising Achievement in Maths and Literacy through a responsive curriculum

  3. Equity and Excellence, so students have effective, equitable and sufficient opportunities to learn.

The first two hours of each day are dedicated to learning in Literacy and Mathematics. For the remainder of the day a more integrated approach to curriculum is taken, with priority placed on personalised learning in an increasing digital environment. Learner agency is developed and there is a focus on the Key Competency - Managing Self. Learners who manage themselves are enterprising, resourceful, reliable and resilient. They establish personal goals, make plans, manage projects and set high expectations.By empowering learners in their own learning they become actively engaged in their learning. Tailoring or personalising the learning environment helps create this opportunity. Digital learning can be a catalyst and motivational tool for helping create this change.

Our goal is that all learners will leave our school with the following attributes:

  • Willingly engage in their learning.

  • Be literate and numerate.

  • Be confident speakers and communicators.

  • Be competitive, able to set high standards and have high expectations.

  • Able to work individually and in a team.