Welcome to the first stage of enrolling at Tamatea Intermediate. 

This is a provisional enrolment based on the following information being provided to the school:

You can email these documents to enrol@tamateaint.ac.nz or send a paper copy to the office.

Out of Zone Priority Rating

Priority 1

Must be given to any applicant who is accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school. (NOTE: At this time TIS is not running any special programmes)

Priority 2

Does the child have a brother or sister who is attending Tamatea Intermediate School?

Priority 3

Does the student have a sibling who has attended Tamatea Intermediate School?

Priority 4

Does the students have a parent who attended Tamatea Intermediate School?

Priority 5

Is the parent/ guardian of the student employed by Tamatea Intermediate School or Board of Trustees member?

Priority 6

Must be given to all other applicants.


The address given at the time of application for enrolment must be the student’s usual place of residence when school is open for instruction. 

Before enrolment takes place (i.e. before attendance begins), if the board has reasonable grounds for believing that the given in-zone address will not be a genuine, ongoing living arrangement, the board may withdraw any offer of a place it might have made on the basis of the given address.

After attendance has begun, if the school learns that a student is no longer living at the in-zone address given at the time application for enrolment and has reasonable grounds to believe that a temporary in-zone residence has been used for the purpose of gaining enrolment at the school, then the board may review the enrolment.

Blanket Consent EOTC.docx.pdf

EOTC Blanket Consent

Internet Permission Form 2022 (for printing).pdf

Internet Usage Agreement

Copy of 2024 12pp plus cover Tamatea Int Brochure (1).pdf

School Prospectus



Application Form