Our Team

Kia Ora,

As a past student of Tamatea Intermediate myself, I am extremely proud to be the Principal of this innovative and supportive school. I returned to Tamatea Intermediate School five years ago after spending several years in Australia and it is great to be back in this fantastic, future focussed learning community.

Our motto 'Learning for the future in a supportive environment' reflects the way we guide our learners to achieve their personal best. Tamatea Intermediate has a dedicated team of teachers and support staff that are passionate about providing exciting learning opportunities for our students.

Feel free to contact me by emailing jo.smith@tamateaint.ac.nz

Jo Smith Principal principal@tamateaint.ac.nz

Danie Leonard Acting Deputy Principal danie.leonard@tamateaint.ac.nz

Lisa Hooper Acting Deputy Principal lisa.hooper@tamateaint.ac.nz

Jude Lineham Deputy Principal

Jemma Thorogood Assistant Principal jemma.thorogood@tamateaint.ac.nz

Year 7 Team

Mia Van Dulm Room 9 mia.vandulm@tamateaint.ac.nz

Chloe Sharp Room 10 chloe.sharp@tamateaint.ac.nz

Dean Quate Room 11 dean.quate@tamateaint.ac.nz

Davy McLean Room 12 davy.mclean@tamateaint.ac.nz

Sandra Howard Room 13 sandra.howard@tamateaint.ac.nz

Tracey Ferguson SHA Rongokako tracey.ferguson@tamateaint.ac.nz

Valerie Rimmer Read SHB Rongokako valerie.rimmerread@tamateaint.ac.nz

Lynda Scott Teacher Aide

Kurstina Pohe Teacher Aide

Year 8 Team

Jordan Cooper Room 1 jordan.cooper@tamateaint.ac.nz

Hayley Lubbe Room 2 hayley.bentley@tamateaint.ac.nz

Alan Lennox Room 3 alan.lennox@tamateaint.ac.nz

Hohepa Cooper Room 4 hohepa.cooper@tamateaint.ac.nz

Franz Groom Room 5 franz.groom@tamateaint.ac.nz

Meredyth Howie Room 5 meredyth.howie@tamateaint.ac.nz

Vanessa Thornicroft SHC Muriwhenua vanessa.thornicroft@tamateaint.ac.nz

Quentin Stratford SHD Muriwhenua quentin.stratford@tamateaint.ac.nz

Debbie Melling Teacher Aide

Olivia Thomas Teacher Aide

Tracey Hall Teacher Aide


Jude Cheer Multi Materials/ Technology Team Leader

Maia Murray Food Technology

Alastair Richards Hard Materials/ Digital Technology

Jill Kennett Art

Ahi Ataria Mātauranga Māori

Science Danie Leonard

Office/ Administration

Attendance/ Home Liaison Vicki Strachan vicki.strachan@tamateaint.ac.nz

Office Receptionist Caitlin McLeod office@tamateaint.ac.nz

Attendance/ Home Liaison Vicki Strachan vicki.strachan@tamateaint.ac.nz

Office Manager/ Principal's PA Te Kira Lawrence tekira.lawrence@tamateaint.ac.nz

Finance Julie Polly finance@tamateaint.ac.nz

Property Manager Gareth Howard

Wellbeing Specialist Amy Kim