General School Information

School Hours and Bell Times

School gates open at 8.30am each morning.


School Day

8:45am   -    2.50pm (8:30am classes open)

Morning Interval

11am   -    11.20am (11.20 - 11.30am eating)

Lunch break

1pm   -    1.30pm (1.30pm - 1.45pm eating)


Weekly Assembles:  Thursday


11:30am – 12:25pm     Full School Assembly (Whanau welcome)

Leaving School Grounds

No child will be permitted to leave the grounds at any time during the school day without parent authority. Students going home for lunch on a regular basis are issued permanent lunch passes.


If you are collecting your child early in the event of an appointment or other reason, please ensure they have signed out in the school office.


Messages for Students

The office staff are happy to pass on messages to students as we understand that before-school plans can change during the day.


However, please try to phone before 1:45pm so that we have time to locate your child. Friday sports / initiatives from 1:30pm is particularly difficult.

donation scheme

Our school has opted into the Ministry of Education donation scheme.

School Sports Fees, bus tickets and other payments

If you are wanting to pre-pay or set up regular payments to your child’s school account, you are welcome to make payments by internet banking:

12-3144-0235013-01   ASB

Tamatea Intermediate

This will then update to your child’s Hero account and you can view under the “Finance” function on your Hero app.

If you are unable to access this function on your app, please let us know and we will make sure you can access it. You can email us at

You can also view sports and other fees that may be added to your child’s account and pay using a debit card with this Finance function.


If you know your child is going to be absent, please notify us using the "Report An Absence" function on the Hero school app. Alternatively you can text or call 027 341 5373 before 8:40am giving the following details:

Caller’s name, child’s name, room number and why the child is absent.


If a child is absent without notification parents / caregivers will be notified via text or email requesting confirmation of the absence.


If you are worried about your child’s attendance, please get in touch with our Attendance Officer.

Late students

Late students must report to the Attendance Officer to sign in and be issued a Late Pass before heading off to class.


The school uniform can be purchased online or in store from The Warehouse. 

Our school uniform has an important part to play in developing in the students a sense of identity and pride. We make every reasonable effort to see that students are well presented both on and off school grounds.

By signing the enrolment form you have agreed to follow our school rules. 

We ask that parents please support the school by ensuring that their child/ren attend school in the correct, clean and named school uniform.


Please also help us by reinforcing the following:


Wear uniform correctly (in emergency situations, a uniform pass can be obtained by the Home Liaison Officer if a note from home is provided with a valid explanation).

For safety reasons all technology workshops require covered shoes.

There will be a second hand uniform sale in December and any leftover second hand uniform may be available the week prior to school starting in January. 


Sports Uniform

The school sports uniform must be worn for PE classes, and when representing a school sports team outside of school. On PE days and Friday Sports Day students have the choice of wearing either their full school uniform or their full PE school uniform.